About Me


Throughout my life, art has played a large part in expressing who I am. I got into RC’s for the first time back in 1978 and back in 2009. However, starting a career in the tech field required a lot of hours( not to mention the addition of kids) and I had to put my beloved RC’s literally and figuratively “on the shelf.” As soon as the dust settled, I began painting bodies, discovering that I could marry my two loves: RC’s and art into something I could have a lot of fun with. I currently work in the tech field as a visual designer. Even though I have to use a computer, as opposed to a paintbrush or spray can, I still utilized my artistic skills. Much of my work requires painstaking obsession with detail and quality. So I easily transitioned those talents to create patina bodies for RC’s. At first, I was just painting patina bodies for my own cars; it was just a way of me to relax and work with my hands to create art. One day, someone who viewed my work told me that my work was amazing and there was a huge market for patina RC’s. So I started RC PATINA GUY..and the rest is history!

There is no doubt that a car with a remarkable history is more interesting than a car that was driven every so often to get groceries. Patina is not the same as harsh damage; this is the well- sought out look of a car that is well-traveled and had seen some good times and maybe some craziness. Some light scuffing, scratches, and rust marks show evidence of the car’s unique life. These marks and blemishes are considered evidence that this car has been through some sh*t and survived. In short, this is not just your run-of-the-mill paint job; this is a story.